As Canadians, we all know how awful flu season can be, especially when the weather starts to drop. While it's perfectly normal for Canadians to take a sick day, a new report shows that some industries actually take more sick days than others. In fact, it was discovered that government employees are recorded to take more sick days than any other employee in Canada. 

In a report done by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, they used Statistics Canada numbers to discover exactly how many sick days employees took back in 2018, and it turns out that the government seems to be more lax on how many days their employees can miss.  

Through the study, it was discovered that government employees in 2018 were sick 77 percent more often than workers outside of the government, due to either illness or disability. 

This means, that government employees are taking an average 12.2 sick days a year, while non-government employees take on average 6.9 sick days a year. That's an average of 5 days more than a non-government employee takes. 

It seems that this trend is present in all provinces. According to the study, no matter where you live in Canada, government workers are seen taking more sick days than non-government workers. 

However, some provinces are worse than others. Alberta is seen with government employee taking the most amount of sick days, averaging in at 14.4 sick days, as opposed to the 5.7 that non-government employees in Alberta take. 

British Columbia government workers take the least amount of sick days among government workers, averaging at 9.4 in 2018. Yet, this was still higher than the average 7 sick days that non-government employees took. 

According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, this isn't something that is new. In fact, the number of sick days that government employees have been taking ever year continues to worsen. In 2017, government employees were seen taking 10.8 sick days.  

A study done by Monster shows that when it comes to sick days, some Canadians are uncomfortable with taking them. When asked, only 1 in 5 Canadians stay home when they get ill. On top of this, 50 percent of Canadian workers feel guilty about taking the day off. 

In the end, it looks like government workers are the 1 in 5 that stay home when they start to feel a nasty cold coming on. 

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