It’s hard to get the images of the Humboldt Broncos tragic bus crash out of your head. Ever since it happened the images have been everywhere, social media, newspapers and on TV.

The tragedy especially hit the global hockey community extremely hard. Even NHL players know what it’s like to have to spend a long night on the road driving in between games.

Now one of those NHL players is stepping up to send the community of Humboldt a very special gift. And this isn’t just any NHL player reaching out, it’s Sidney Crosby, who for years has been seen as one the of greatest players to ever put on a pair of skates.  

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After seeing images and hearing stories from the bus crash Crosby asked the head equipment manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins to make a customized jersey to send to the community.

The name plate on the back of the jersey reads “BRONCOS” and is signed by every single member of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

There’s even a special tag on the inside of the jersey that says, “The Pittsburgh Penguins Support HUMBOLDT STRONG.”   

You can see an image of the jersey below

Crosby also signed some photos specifically for the survivors of the bus crash with the message “Stay strong. We’re thinking of you,” according to the Penguins twitter account.  

All of it is now on the way to Humboldt.  

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The Penguins also donated $20,000 to the GoFundMe page set up to support the victims and families of those involved in the crash. 

So good on Sidney Crosby and the Penguins for stepping up and giving the Humboldt community the support they need during this obviously difficult time. 

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