Canadians went into a frenzy last month when cellular providers across the country engaged in a data plan price war.

It all started when Freedom Mobile, a mobile network operator under Shaw Communications Inc., introduced a promotion for $60/10 GB data plans in December. The move was intended to provoke Canada’s Big Three - that is, Rogers, Telus and Bell - to undercut their own data rates.

With the Big Three facing the threat of losing customers, they responded by offering their own promotions for $60/10 GB data plans

Canadians in Ontario, BC and Manitoba spent hours on the phone trying to connect to customer service reps at each company. Most were able to avail of the deals; however, many others were not, as the promotion period only lasted for less than a week.

Now, customers who missed out on the deals are trying to snag the $60/10 GB data plans, despite the deadline having already passed. Some have been successful, especially those who push the case of having been long-time customers with their providers. 

Others have employed tactics that threaten the company’s customer retention. One customer who was turned down by Rogers said on Twitter that he would drop their services and switch to Freedom Mobile instead, and it was only when Freedom Mobile responded to him that was he able to get Rogers’ attention.

Another customer was able to get the deal from Koodo after complaining of the company’s scrambled customer service during the promotion period.

He had reached out to Koodo several times by phone and social media but was never connected to a customer service rep once.

After complaining on Twitter, Koodo reached out to him and said he was getting the plan. In a similar fashion, Telus is looking to honour their offer to customers who reached out to the company before the deadline but were unable to connect to a customer service rep.

It’s hard to pass up on deals like this, especially in Canada where wireless rates are among the highest in the world. However, even if you weren’t able to get a $60/10 GB plan, there’s no need to fret as it’s highly likely Canada’s wireless companies will go at it again with even bigger blockbuster deals in the near future.

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