The TTC can be a pretty wild place once it starts to get late, but a new video that has surfaced from one of the stations definitely takes the cake for just downright insane. It all started when a mysterious video surfaced of a man who decided to climb onto the back of the last TTC car and then hold on for a joy ride while the train left the station:

As you can see in the video, this definitely isn't fake and you can even see the actual passenger's disbelief of what the guy is doing when his camera pans to the interior of the cart. Though in case you weren't too sure, he makes sure to yell "on the back of a train" to let us all know he's an idiot.

While the video is just gaining traction now, it was apparently shot just around a year ago and CityNews ended up managing to track down the star of the video himself. It turns out it was something the 20-year-old wanted to "check off his bucket list." Though he did note that he was drunk during the entire endeavor.

@ttczoneembedded via

Naturally, the TTC team is not even remotely entertaining the video, representative Stuart Green has said that they've actually opened an investigation into the matter and plan to take it seriously. He also made sure to add that it "has to be one of the strangest and dumbest things we've seen on our property in a long time."

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