You’ve likely heard of people crossing the border from the United States into Canada illegally recently.

Even if you haven’t you must have heard American president Donald Trump saying he wants to build a wall on the U.S. Border with Mexico to stop illegal immigrants there. 

But did you know that people living in Canada are willing to pay top dollar to get illegally smuggled into the United States? 

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Yes, according to the Associated Press this actually happens. Not often, but it does happen and the prices people are willing to pay are extremely high.

Some people pay as much as $4,000 just to get a ride across the border from Canada into the United States. 

Much of this happens in Quebec where people will pay smugglers to drive them across the border to Vermont. 

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Many choose this route because it’s only 6 hours from New York City, which they hope to reach as the city has a massive immigrant community that they can assimilate themselves into without being caught.  

“The number of illegal alien apprehensions at the Vermont-Canada border has skyrocketed,” said Christina Nolan, Vermont’s United States attorney.  

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So far this year U.S. Border Patrol has made 267 apprehensions along Vermont’s border with Canada, compared with 132 all of last year, says Nolan’s office. 

As to why this is happening is unclear right now.

The RCMP are aware of the rise in people leaving Canada illegally but because they don’t see it as a quite trend yet. 

Source: National Post

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