An intense rainstorm took place in B.C. just before the weekend that resulted in three young men going missing. Two of their bodies have since been discovered. Now, Sooke RCMP are searching for one remaining man. Underwater recovery teams and search and rescue personal are working on the investigation in Sooke. 

On Friday, CBC News reports that Cory Mills, Eric Blackmore, and A.J. Jensen disappeared after gathering together at 11 p.m. 

They were driving a blue Dodge Dakota truck at the time on southern Vancouver Island. 

The Province has indicated that the three men allegedly left Blackmore’s residence that afternoon and did not tell anyone where they were headed. 

It is believed that the 20-year-olds went missing at the peak of a rainstorm that hit Sooke with around 100 milimeters of rain. 

During this time, many roads were flooded and washed out. 

CBC News explains that the truck the boys were driving was found in the Sooke River off Sooke River Road on Sunday. 

Two bodies, which were not identified but are believed to be bodies of two of the three missing men, were found shortly after. 

RCMP, search and rescue crews, and underwater recovery teams are now searching from the remaining Sooke man. 

A member with the RCMP spoke to CBC News and stated that they are hoping one of the men walked away but at this time, they are focusing all of their energy searching the area where the other two were located.  

RCMP have confirmed with CBC News that the bodies and the truck were not found together. 

The Corner Service has told The Province that while they are in the early stages of investigating, there is no sign of foul play. 

There is also no indication that drinking was involved. 

Coroners in the province are now working extensively to determine how and when the two men died while police search for the third missing individual. 

The Time Colonist reported that hundreds of people turned up to help the initial search teams on Sunday. ATVs, helicopters, and boats were all used in efforts to find the missing men. 

Over the weekend, an intense mudslide also took place in another area of the province that left hundreds of people stranded at a local ski lodge

In fact, massive floods and rainstorms took place all over B.C. this weekend and the footage of everything is terrifying. 

For parts of the province, the rain is now over and snow is beginning to hit serval areas including Metro Vancouver. 

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