If you're a fan of streaming services you might already have a Spotify account and like me, you might feel like it's an essential part of your daily life and couldn't image living without it now. So maybe you when you heard that the brand was merging with the TV and movie subscription service Hulu you got excited. The Netflix like service has for the most part been inaccessible to Canadians and has some amazing shows and movies that are exclusive to it. 

The merge offers users both services for a combined price of $12.99 US a month for regular users and $4.99 US for students - a steal when you think about how much each individual service costs users on their own.

Via Spotify

However with the Canadian price for Spotify Premium being $9.99 and Premium Student being $4.99 we figured there had to be a catch. And of course after some digging we realized that of course there was.  

Via Spotify

Sadly after some investigating, we found out that the newly merged services are of course exclusive to US residence - meaning that Canadian users will not be given access to Hulu or the discounted pricing. 

Via Spotify

While some believe that the merged service will make its way to Canada eventually, the fact that Hulu on its own hasn't decided to offer its services independently in Canada doesn't make good news for Canadians. Those interested in having the merged streaming service, odd are it won't happen. Why? The idea that Hulu will come to Canada as a Spotify exclusive deal only seems slim - however anything is possible. 

So while the merge is good news for our American neighbours to the South, it's bad news for us because of course we aren't eligible and probably won't be in the near future - if ever. 

Source: SpotifyCNET

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