Locals are going nuts for Winnipeg's new outdoor patio. But if you want to try to get a table, you are out of luck. There is a high demand to try the vegan eatery specializing in small plates that are all free of charge. There's a squirrel restaurant in Canada that just opened this year and it's been nuts to see how popular it is.

Karly Troschuk, co-host of KiSS 102.3 in Winnipeg, told Narcity she launched SQRL Restaurant + Bar at the end of March. The cute idea sparked from her seeing a photo of a squirrel sitting at a little picnic table.

Initially, it started with her dad building her some tables that she set up in her yard with tiny props like an Aritzia shopping bag.

But SQRL has grown to be so much more than just a place to dine for local wildlife. According to Karly, "the goal of SQRL is to bring joy."

She gets feeding tips from the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre to provide a healthy diet for the diners.

But the intricate details of the micro food will leave you stunned. There is everything from tacos to croissants.

Plus, local restaurants like Roughage Eatery and Black Market Provisions have donated small meals too.

Since opening, there have also been several pop-ups to showcase local makers and artists. So next to the table you'll see mini art, candles or weavings to bring awareness of Canadian make products.

Already there are at least five more events planned to feature Canadian makers in the next few weeks.

But the good vibes don't stop there. It also helps Wildlife Haven by raising awareness and money to help sick and injured wildlife.

To help support the cause, you can purchase on the of the little picnic tables for your yard. Without question, it would certainly brighten our day to see some squirrels feasting near our window.

But if you don't have a spot for a table, you can still enjoy some cuteness overload on their Instagram account, which will brighten up your day.

SQRL Restaurant + Bar

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy looking at cute photos and help support a good cause.


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