If you logged on to Twitter on November 30 and were wondering why St. Patrick's Day would be trending when the holiday is more than three months away, you're not alone. The trend was quite baffling until you went into it and saw just why it was getting so much attention online. The St. Patrick's Day trending topic is all because of Andrew Scheer and the deputy leader of his party. 

In an interview with the CBC that aired the morning of November 30, the Conservative Party's deputy leader Leona Alleslev talked about Andrew Scheer not marching in Pride parades.

She said he has a right to not march in those parades and that the Conservative party has to make room for people like him who have strong religious beliefs. 

Alleslev then went on to compare Pride parades to St. Patrick's Day parades. 

"I think that that's obviously his choice and we live in a country where that's his choice," said Alleslev. "Have we asked anybody if they marched in a St. Patrick's Day parade?"

Once the interview aired and a few people started posting about it on Twitter, it caught on like wildfire and was trending in Canada.

"Hope it's all worth it," one person tweeted at Alleslev.

Another person said, "imagine being a politician in 2019 and comparing Pride to St. Patrick’s Day."

Scheer famously, or infamously, didn't participate in Pride parades this summer and after losing the election in October he said that he "won't march in parades."

Because of Alleslev's comment, a few eagle-eyed Canadians pointed out that even though nobody has asked, Justin Trudeau has marched in St. Patrick's Day parades in the past.

On November 28, Scheer confirmed that Alleslev, a former Liberal MP, would be the new deputy leader.

She was first elected as a Liberal MP back in 2015 but crossed the floor in September 2018 to join the Conservatives because she disagreed with their handling of the economy, foreign affairs and military funding.

For only her first week on the job, starting a trending topic on Twitter and getting a lot of backlash was probably not expected. 

Now Scheer and Alleslev are under the microscope because of the deputy leader's comments.

St Patrick's Day is 108 days. 

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