As one of the biggest coffee chains in Canada, Starbucks is unfortunately responsible for creating a lot of garbage in our country. Fortunately, the company is trying to do something about it. At their annual meeting today, Starbucks Canada is announcing new plans to eliminate not only straws but also gender inequality. The move comes as Starbucks pushes to be the most environmentally friendly retailer in Canada. 

In an initiative to help save the planet, Starbucks announced that across Canada this year they will be introducing greener cups and lids. In Vancouver, this will begin with a pilot project that tests both recyclable and compostable cups throughout the year. Currently, Starbucks cups aren't recyclable in some parts of Canada, like Toronto, due to the lining of them but the new cups aim to eliminate that problem. 

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Speaking of Toronto, Starbucks also announced a greener initiative that will launch there. This summer, Starbucks in Toronto will launch new strawless lids that are also recyclable. After launching here, they will be rolled out across North America.  This is the latest step in Starbucks's plan to eliminate straws at all their stores worldwide by the year 2020. 

Plastics aren't the only thing Starbucks Canada is eliminating though, at their meeting today they announced that they are also taking steps to eliminate the gender wage-gap. 

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Starbucks has confirmed that they have taken on new best principles that address the barriers towards equal pay. These principles include not asking candidates about their pay history in an interview and using an offer standards calculator to determine starting pay. 

As part of these principles for equal pay, Starbucks is also going to focus on accountability and addressing any unexplained wage gaps between men and women performing similar roles. 

Starbucks Canada also announced today that they have actually already met their goal of gender pay equality here in Canada and in the United States and China as well. 

None the less, the company says they are focused on maintaining this gender equality and adopting these principles to help accomplish that worldwide. 

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There are currently over 1500 Starbucks locations across Canada. It is the second biggest coffee chain in Canada following Tim Hortons. 

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