If you happen to pull into your local Starbucks today, you might notice something a little different with your usual order. While your drink will stay the same, the cup it's being served in has now changed. Starting Nov. 28th at 5 A.M. you'll be met with the NEW Starbucks holiday red cups. For any loyal Starbucks junkie, you might be wondering what's up since they've already released holiday cups for the season. 

Well, this year's original holiday cups (much like last year's) were met with serious controversy. The scandal in question is surrounding the interlocked hands featured on the original cups. Many believe that they belong to two lesbian women and have accused Starbucks of pushing a "gay agenda". 

Thousands took to social media to protest the original 2017 holiday cup and even went as far as to boycott Starbucks as a whole. Others mocked the  'scandal' entirely. 

While it hasn't been overtly mentioned that the new cups have been released in order to appease protesters or boycotters, you do have to wonder why the new cups have arrived mid-holiday season. This is the first time in Starbucks history that they've released two different cups in the same season. 

They responded to the comments that they've changed the cup due to backlash by saying: 

While we're a little skeptical, the new cups do promote a great message. These red holiday cups are a part of Starbucks' 'Give Good" campaign and shows two sketched hands coming together to form a heart shape. Within the heart is space to dedicate to someone who warms your soul the same way your drink does. Jordan Kay, the cup creator describes the holiday cups design as, “symboliz[ing] the love and warmth felt during the holiday season, when we connect with friends and family.”

Here’s to celebrating the good in each other. #GiveGood

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Starbucks says that the idea behind their new “Give Good” campaign cups is to give to those near and dear to you, give to strangers in your community, give a gift that helps planet Earth. Along with the new cup is thier 17 suggestion on how to give good this holiday season - which include volunteering at your local homeless shelter, spending some time with a friend, and donating to the local foodbank.

The campaign also partners with Spotify and some of our  favourite musicians like Chance The Rapper, Lady Gaga, and Metallica - whose faces will all be on limited edition Starbucks giftcards. 

Source: Starbucks

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