With most of us being die-hard Starbuck fans, it comes as a surprise that Starbucks has just recalled more than 260,000 coffee presses in Canada and the US. According to the Government of Canada, these presses have been recalled due to reports of users getting severely cut due to an error in the product.  

Yesterday, the Government of Canada released the recall on Bodum + Starbucks Recycled 8 Cup Coffee Presses. Out of the 260,000 coffee presses that were sold, approximately 33,198 of these recalled products were sold throughout Canada. 

The product was recalled after there were reports of the plastic knob at the top of the coffee press breaking. The knob is recorded to break as the user is pushing down on the plunger which has resulted in the plungers metal rod being exposed. 

Once the metal rod is exposed there is a risk of the metal plunging into the user's hand which makes the product a laceration risk. 

So far, one report has been received of a Canadian who has suffered from a cut after using the product. In the United States, there have been 8 reported cases of users suffering from lacerations. 

The coffee presses that are affected in this recall were sold between November 2016 and January 2019.

They are said to be a cylindrical glass shape that is being held in place by a dark gray frame. It has a light gray handle and knob and the word 'Bodum' and 'Made in Portugal' can be spotted at the bottom of the press. 

Health Canada is warning anyone who owns one of these presses to stop using the product immediately. 

Starbucks is offering store credit for the recalled products. To get this credit, customers are asked to call Starbucks at 1-888-843-0245. Returns will not be accepted in any Starbucks store. 

To view the full recall, you can visit the Health Canada recall here. 

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