Two Starbucks employees who worked at a location in Swift Current, Saskatchewan received an apology from the company after they filed complaints about harassment from a coworker. Starbucks workplace harassment procedures were, according to the company, not followed immediately after the complaint.

Sarah Franklin, a 19-year-old former shift supervisor, was the first to go to management with complaints about "super inappropriate" comments made by one of her coworkers. Franklin told CBC News that after making complaints to local and district leadership, she was fired.

Calli Moreau-Simpson, another employee at the same Starbucks location, also faced harassment from the same coworker. She posted videos on YouTube to share her experiences.

"There's been some issues going on in our workplace," Moreau-Simpson said in one of her videos, "including workplace harassment and very highly on sexual harassment."

Moreau-Simpson also said in her video that she had asked if it was possible to have her shifts switched so she wasn't working with the problematic employee. Management apparently told her it wasn't possible.

According to a statement emailed to Narcity from Madeleine Löwenborg-Frick, a spokesperson for Starbucks Canada, local management investigated the complaints. However, "internal company procedures were not followed."

Löwenborg-Frick also confirmed that the company had issued a formal apology, writing "we've apologized to everyone involved for how these complaints were handled and we're grateful we had the opportunity to correct that." 

Löwenborg-Frick also confirmed that the employee who was harassing Moreau-Simpson and Franklin had been fired, and that the company was going to ensure that "any future complaints, are handled properly going forward."

Franklin's own separation from the company, according to Löwenborg-Frick, was unrelated to the harassment complaints she made.

Starbucks and Canada have had a long relationship. A Vancouver location first opened in the 80s was the company's first international opening.

Starbucks is in full-on holiday-mode with their new holiday menu for 2019. They also have secret menu items like a Grinch-themed Frappuccino

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