The current state of emergency in B.C. has been going on for almost a month. Now, it looks like it'll continue until April 28. The provincial government extended its state of emergency in B.C. for another two weeks and even though we've come a long way, there's more still to go.

The original state of emergency was declared on Tuesday, March 17. Its end date was supposed to be on April 14, but on Wednesday, April 15 John Horgan announced that it was extended again. 

What does this emergency mean for you? For as long as it's going on, the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) can issue orders that local enforcement can back up.

The PHO in B.C. is Dr. Bonnie Henry who's been admired for her level headed approach and good success with flattening the curve in the province.

Right now, she's issued several orders including banning mass gatherings and travel restrictions. Plus, restaurants have had to move to take-out only models.

For information on COVID-19, your best source for info in the province is the BCCDC. Lots of people are having financial difficulty at this time, and the province has offered $1000 for people on top of the CERB to help them out.

In his statement, Horgan said that British Columbians are "leading the way" with their efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

"We are starting to see the results of our sacrifice, dedication and hard work, and we must continue to be steadfast in our commitment to keep our communities safe," he said.

Right now, the province will have this in place until the end of the day until Tuesday, April 28, 2020.

Although, with other provinces extending even into May, that could change later.

While B.C. has taken another two weeks, in Ontario, they've extended their State of Emergency for another 28 days

In B.C., Mike Farnworth is the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. He will continue to use his special powers to help the province respond to the pandemic for as long as the state of emergency lasts.

"British Columbians should be proud of the way we have responded to this crisis. But the work is not over," Farnworth said in his statement.


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