University students are getting a chance to air their grievances on an official level. Statistics Canada's COVID-19 research needs input from post-secondary students on how the pandemic has affected them. Young people can voluntarily share their personal experiences.

The Government of Canada has set up a survey for students to explain how the pandemic has affected the educational and financial aspects of their lives.

The information gathered will help governments and other organizations determine what types of assistance and services should be offered both during and after the pandemic.

The survey takes five minutes to complete and consists of 14 questions. 

The forms are primarily concerned with what students might be thinking about during this uncertain time.

It begins by asking what type of post-secondary program people are attending, and in which province.

From there, they provide their field of study, as well as their expected graduation date.

After, the survey asks more in-depth questions about how students' coursework has been affected by the virus.

Statements to choose from include "Some of my courses were postponed or cancelled by my institution" and "Planned work placement delayed or cancelled."

The questionnaire then asks if any courses were moved online, before moving on to how any potential employment plans were affected. It also inquires about any loss of current employment.

Students can then rate their level of concern on statements including "I will not be able to pay for living accommodations next term" and "I will not have access to funding opportunities for research."

The survey concludes with some basic information, collecting participants' ages, living situations, genders, and postal codes.

Students can also choose to be contacted to take part in other surveys if they want.

Anyone who is interested in filling out the survey can fill it out until May 1.

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