Canada is set to legalize Marijuana in just a few weeks and that has provinces scrambling to prepare for what is sure to be a hectic first day of legal weed sales across the country.

We’ve often heard that Canadians are smoking a lot of marijuana, but according to Stats Canada, it seems that the vast majority of Canadians aren’t partaking.

According to them on average it’s actually a small percent of the population who are opting to spark up or enjoy cannabis products. 

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The average percent of the population aged 15 and older using marijuana in Canada is just 16% according to the government agency.

If you’re wondering which province has the highest percentage of use, it’s in Nunavut. Didn’t see that coming did you? 33% of those surveyed in Iqaluit said they had used pot in the past 3 months there.

The Northwest Territories is next with 27% in Yellowknife saying they’ve smoked it recently and third place goes to those in the Yukon with 23% of people in Whitehorse saying that they've used it. 

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Saskatchewan has the lowest, with only 10% of residents admitting that they’ve smoked weed recently.

The list reads as:

  • Nunavut = 33%
  • Northwest Territories = 27%
  • Yukon = 23%
  • Nova Scotia = 21%
  • P.E.I. = 19%
  • Ontario = 18%
  • Newfoundland = 18%
  • New Brunswick =17%
  • B. C. = 17%
  • Alberta = 16%
  • Manitoba = 15%
  • Quebec = 11%
  • Saskatchewan = 10%

So if you thought that pot smoking was on par with something like alcohol consumption in Canada think again.

Canadians might be smoking a lot of pot, but it’s really just a small number doing most of it consuming. 

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