Hands up if you refused to throw out all your childhood toys because you couldn't bear to part with them. If you did, you might be a lot richer than you think.

Turns out the pocket-sized dolls are now worth a small fortune on eBay,  with bidders willing to spend upwards of $100,000 on them. Yup, those small toys that took over the 80s and 90s are fetching some pretty high prices, and if you have any vintage Polly's in your attic, you may want to start digging them up now.

One Polly Pocket car in its original packaging from 2008 is selling in the U.K. for over $13,000. A sealed set from 1996 is going for nearly $2,500 in Australia. And that Polly Pocket wedding set that we all had? That's selling for over $3,300. 

Via ebay

Other Polly Pocket items range anywhere from $100 to $1000, so how do you know if yours is worth anything?

If your Polly Pocket was created after 1998, then it was made by Mattel, and that adds a lot of value to it. If your toy had a hinge - and the hinge still works - that also adds value, according to On Air With Ryan. If you have the original packaging, you can bet that yours will sell for more. And pat yourself on the back if it was never taken out of the box, because that's the big seller.

Polly pocket perfect playroom from 1994, complete. So many details in this set, and look at the tiny two chairs😍 sorry about the light😬 #pollypockets #mevintagetoys #polly#pollypocket #vintagelife #vintagegirl #vintagepollypocket #retro #miniature #compact #90s #90s #90stoys #90snostalgia #90sgirl #throwbackthursday #throwback#toyvideo #toyslagram #toystagram #toy#toys4life #toys

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The better the condition, the more it's worth.

The dolls are proving so popular, in fact, that Ebay has even set up their own list of guidelines when selling. I guess it's time to head into the attic.

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