McDonald's has recently released their McD's App which allows Canadian users to pay and order their meals ahead of time. Many Canadians have started to use this app in order to save them time when visiting the chain. However, one user has just recently discovered that the someone has been hacking into her McD's app to order food from a difference province, and it has completely drained her bank account. 

Lauren Taylor from Nova Scotia told CBC News that she had no idea that anyone else had gained access to her McD's App until it was too late. Between January 25-29 someone from Montreal, Quebec had hacked into Taylor's app, which had her Visa card information inputted into it, and made multiple McDonald's orders which amounted to $483.65. 

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Taylor didn't even notice that these charges were being made to her account until she checked her e-mails where multiple McDonald's order receipts were sent to her. When she checked her bank account to confirm that these charges were real, she was shocked to discover that she only had $1.99 remaining. 

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Her email's inbox was filled with over 20+ emails confirming transactions from the McDonald's app. Multiple purchases were charged to her account within five separate locations throughout Montreal. The orders included a variety of items on the menu including hotcakes, Big Macs and Egg McMuffins. 

The Halifax woman shared her shock over how easy it was for someone to gain access to her app, "It's amazing to see how quickly someone can just break your privacy... rent is three days away and now I have to find the money,".  

McDonald's reached out about the incidents stating that they ensure that the app is safe and recommend that guests do not share their passwords. However, Taylor ensures that she has a variety of passwords that she uses, which she does not share with anyone. She also does not know or has ever been, to Montreal and is confused about how someone from another province was able to use her app. 

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This also has not been the only reported case of this happening. Brett O'Donnell also had someone make a $50 purchase through his account in Quebec on January 17, 2019. However, he caught the issue within a half hour that the purchase was made and called McDonald's immediately to get a refund. 

While Taylor's bank is refunding her, she states that the app should ensure more security for future users to ensure that issues like this don't happen again. 

Source: CBC News

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