Moose have become a widely joked about Canadian stereotype but anyone who lives here knows that they are no joke. Just yesterday a moose caused a serious traffic jam in Ottawa when it wandered onto the highway and today another moose caused even more damage in Newfoundland. 

A car in Newfoundland hit a moose and then burst into flames, proving that moose are actually really dangerous. 

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CBC Newfoundland shared a video on their Twitter this morning that shows thick black smoke billowing from a vehicle while a large animal lies on the road. 

According to their tweet, the footage was captured by Wendy Muise at 9 AM this morning. The incident took place in Codroy Pond, Newfoundland, which is on the south-west side of the island, near where you can catch the ferry to Nova Scotia. 

Newfoundland has an extra large population of moose which is a big part of the province's identity, but they also pose a massive threat to drivers in the area. 

Full grown moose can be three meters tall or even bigger and can weigh over 1500 pounds. As a lot of Canadians know, because of how massive they are, hitting a moose almost guarantees major damage to your car and can even be fatal. 

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Thankfully this crash didn' have any worse consequences as both passengers and the driver are reported to have made it out of the car safely. 

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