No one really celebrates finding spiders in their house. Sure they kill bugs, but they’ve also got 8 legs and ew just gross.

As much as you don’t like them though you know that there aren’t any spiders native to Canada that are poisonous and going to kill you.

Except that the most deadly North American spider of them all is appearing randomly in Newfoundland, according to CBC. 

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Recently there have been 2 separate incidents of Black Widow spiders appearing in the province. Black Widow spiders can kill people if they bite them. They're found in many countries but don't live this far north because winter is too cold.

In one a woman named Amy Copeland was reaching into her fridge to get a handful of grapes and saw a tiny spider crawling on them.

After a closer inspection, and a quick Google search, she realized it was a Black Widow. 

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Unlike the rest of us though she didn’t freak the hell out and try to kill it right away.

She called university biology professor and her friend, who is a vet, in the hopes of trying to find a safe home for the spider.

Unfortunately for her – and the spider – it didn’t work out, the spider was taken away by the provincial government to be safely euthanized. 

If you’re wondering how exactly you safely euthanize a spider, the answer is you put it in the freezer. 

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The most likely reason it wound up in Canada is that it traveled on the grapes all the way from Mexico.

And then just couple days later, another person in the province reported finding a Black Widow in similar circumstances. This one was in the town of Clarenville and is also supsected of traveling on food. It too was taken away to be euthanized.

So if you’re in Newfoundland you’re gonna want to add deadly spiders to the list of things to be afraid of. 

If you think you see a black widow spider somewhere you're asked to proceed with caution and report it to the nearest Forestry and Wildlife office.

Black widow spiders are usually found in the USA, Mexico, and Southern Canada, especially in British Columbia. You can visit Health Link BC to find more information on the spider bites. 

Source: CBC

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