Right now, Newfoundland is in the midst of a full-on blizzard. Tons of snow and gusting winds are leaving the province completely buried. Newfoundland's blizzard has become so extreme that a state of emergency was declared, and people have photos and video to show why.

The city of St. John's officially declared a state of emergency due to the weather at 11:00 a.m. local time. Businesses were ordered to close and vehicles were ordered off of the road.

That was probably for the best, as residents take to social media to show just how dangerous it could be to try and drive today. Visibility is almost non-existent, and the snow just keeps piling up.

According to a blizzard warning from Environment Canada, the city and the surrounding area could continue to see the snow piling up as high as 75 centimetres into Saturday afternoon.

On top of all the snow coming down, Newfoundlanders are also dealing with wind gusts that could reach up to 120 kilometres an hour, with some even hitting 150 along the coast.

Some brave islanders have managed to document just how intense the blizzard is right now. If the videos and photos are anything to go by, it might just be the perfect time to stay inside with some storm chips and wait for things to calm down.

CBC's St. John's live stream isn't much to look at

The only thing you can see in this video is how bad the blizzard actually is. If you look closely, you can also see a bunch of reasons to stay inside.

When the snow is piling up at your doorstep

You know a blizzard is bad when you'd have to kick through a layer of snow just to get out of your house.

Does "no vehicles" on the road include bikes?

Some people take their dedication to biking to new levels, including this brave soul. At least they've got lights on!

A miserable stroll

You know when you see someone and you just know they're not having a good day? That's what this video feels like.

This is why you shouldn't drive

Basically, if the mayor says that all vehicles need to be off the roads, it's because trying to drive looks like this.

Walking isn't much better though

If you have to go out for whatever reason, make sure you're strapping on some solid snow pants.

Asking the important questions

You can't just wait around for all of it to melt, so where's it all going to go at the end of this storm?

The wind is just bad

You know it's not going to be a good day when the snow starts coming in sideways.

Sometimes the weather tells you to stay inside

If you open your door, and it looks like there's just another door behind it, you might just be in the middle of a Newfoundland blizzard

When even a snowblower won't cut it

This is the kind of snow where you'd be better off with something more heavy-duty, like a flamethrower.

This dog definitely gets it

We're sure that a lot of people probably pulled the same move when they went outside this morning.

Again, don't try to drive

If your car ends up getting stuck in a storm like this one, you might as well just leave it.

Finally, a visual timeline of the storm

It's like measuring your kids as they grow, but way more depressing. 

This blizzard is a strong reminder that Canada is still smack dab in the middle of winter, and everyone is going to see more snow before it's over.

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