A bizarre incident took place in Oliver, BC this week. Posts in a closed Facebook group claim that a 100-pound pumpkin was swiped from the porch of a local market. This “masterpiece” of a pumpkin was stationed outside the Oliver store before two people came and hauled it away. Surveillance images shared by Facebook user Parmjeet Dhaliwal show that the stolen 100-pound pumpkin in BC was stolen.

Dhaliwal claims that the ginormous pumpkin was planted outside of Sunview Market in Oliver before two thieves came in during the middle of the night and stole it. To make matters even odder, this isn’t even the first time this has happened. Clearly, there are people out there with a thing for stealing larger than life pumpkins. 'Tis the season of spooky situations, after all.

In an effort to get the pumpkin back, surveillance footage and images have been posted on a private Facebook group. According to the post, this is the second time that the prized pumpkin has been stolen from Oliver’s Sunview Market.

Dhaliwal's posts appeared in the Oliver Loop closed group. Dhaliwal says that the pumpkin was taken before store employees had a chance to carve it. 

The post is accompanied by a number of stills from surveillance footage. According to the time stamp on the images, the incident took place on October 20, 2019, at around 8:18 p.m. 

In the images, you can see two people - a man in a black coat and a woman in a white coat - approach the pumpkin and haul it away together. It is safe to assume that it was probably awkward and heavy to carry. 

Dhaliwal told KelwonaNow that his pumpkin was very rare and was purchased as a seed. Police have not yet been contacted, but Dhaliwal hopes that he's able to get the pumpkin back somehow.

The entire community is now on the lookout for a massive 100-pound pumpkin and we sure hope that it's only a matter of time before it's returned to its rightful place at Sunview Market.

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