You're going to want to drop everything because we have major news for you. Drake just announced that he's going to be releasing a new album! We could not be more excited for new music from the Canadian rapper. 

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His new album is going to be a follow up to ScorpionHe broke the news to Canadian fans last night at his Edmonton concert on November 7th and said, "I promise you that as soon as this tour is over, and maybe I’ll take, like, a little break, I’mma get right to work on a new album. So we can be right here... and have a new party."

Check out the announcement below at the concert that was posted onto Twitter yesterday. According to them, the new album is for 2019! 

Naturally, the Internet has gone completely wild over this news. The tweet of the announcement got 4,196 retweets and 12,643 likes since being posted less than one day ago. Tons of people are freaking out on social media.

We still can't get enough of Scorpion, so we cannot wait for a new album to already drop so soon. His latest album was just released this year and blessed us with songs like "In My Feelings" and "Nice For What". 

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