University students often struggle to pay for their education while in full-time school, which can lead to financial obligations adding extra stress to your studies. With tuition, rent, and bills piling up and no time for a full-time job, university students throughout the nation are getting their income in a way that isn't your normal 9-to-5. According to Seeking Arrangments, the top 10 careers for "sugar babies: have just been announced, and university student ranks number one. 

In a study that was revealed by Seeking Arrangements, a popular sugar babies website, Canadians across the nation have been using their site to gain some extra cash. With over 10 million active users worldwide, it comes as no surprise that the career as a sugar baby is starting to become a common one. 

According to Seeking Arrangements, undergraduate and graduate students have become the top demographic in Canada to be sugar babies across the nation. 

Seeking Arrangements announced that over 300,000 Canadian University students became sugar babies in 2018. According to their website, many students are becoming sugar babies to help combat debt and set up their future during a time of tuition and expensive rent.  

While working as a sugar baby, many students can often get the cost of their books, tuition and even rent covered as they continue to study and work towards their degree.

The University of Toronto is ranked as the top school in Canada that houses the most sugar babies, with 1170 active users studying at the institution.  

However, it's not just students that are currently warming up to the idea of launching a side career as a sugar baby. Seeking Arrangements revealed to Narcity that teachers are the second most common demographic for their site.

According to Seeking Arrangments, it's not just paying for your books that are a benefit of being a sugar baby. Sugar babies can also enjoy a life of "luxury by being pampered with fine dinners, exotic trips, and allowances," which makes being a sugar baby open to a variety of different careers. 

Due to the luxurious lifestyle that being a sugar baby can give Canadians, sale assistants, makeup artists, health care assistants, waitresses, nurses, and personal assistants are also in the top 10 career choices of Canadian sugar babies. 

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