Canada is known for having a serious amount of ticks, but not this kind. A super rare tick that causes a permanent meat allergy has been found in another Canadian province. This means this is the second sighting of the tick in the country in just a matter of weeks. 

Just one week ago, a rare tick that can give humans an allergy to red meat was found in southern Ontario. This tick carries disease that can be transmitted on both dogs and humans. 

Following the sighting, the Oakridge Animal Clinic in London, Ont. was asking Canadians to be on high alert. This “Lone star” tick, is not native to Canada but are being increasingly discovered in our nation. 

Now, according to CTV, the latest tick sighting has been in Willow Lake Park, Winnipeg. CTV spoke with Jason Miller – the one that found the tick. 

When Miller found the tick walking across his hand. He knew it was not ordinary due to a white dot in the middle of its back. Thankfully, the female tick did not bite Miller. 

Bites from the Lone Star can cause a number of reactions to red meat including hives, vomiting, and diarrhea. There are also some severe reactions including anaphylaxis. 

Anyone who gets bit by the tick will no longer able to eat any kind of red meat including beef, pork, or lamb. There is no known cure other than to stop eating meat. 

Although sightings are rare, Manitoba is now the second province in just one week to have a Lone Star sighting. According to CTV, there have been only zero to two sightings in Manitoba since 2015.

According to Jeremy Hogeveen, who is the vector-borne disease coordinator with the Middlesex-London Health Unit, ticks are incredibly smart and know exactly where to hide on a human body. He noted that “they start to move into areas where you’re not going to look too often - your armpits, your scalp, behind your ears and behind your knees.”

Maybe we should stay out of nature for a little bit. We are definitely getting goosebumps learning about this rare tick. 

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