When it comes to Ontario weather, the summer heat is often followed by some pretty vicious thunderstorms. Some parts of southern Ontario were able to see this first hand on Thursday evening as a nasty 'supercell' storm moved into parts of the Windsor, Leamington, and Essex County area. In fact, some residents were even able to capture footage of this supercell storm on video, and it looked pretty terrifying. 

Early on Thursday evening, Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Windsor-Essex area, warning of strong winds, heavy rain, and hail that could get as big as a toonie. While parts of Ontario were hit with this storm, many other residents spotted something a little bit more terrifying than your average rainstorm. 

In fact, it was confirmed by Weather Network Stormhunter Mark Robinson that a supercell storm was heading into the area. In one tweet, Robinson even warned, "Classic supercell signature on the storm heading into Leamington. Take shelter now!"

A supercell thunderstorm is one of the most dangerous types of storms that can hit an area. According to the University of Illinois, it is also the rarest of storm types. 

What makes these storms so interesting is that rotating drafts actually cause the clouds to spin throughout the sky, leaving a pretty movie-like look to the scene floating in the sky. 

In fact, one resident of Cottam, Ontario was able to capture a perfect video of the cell as it continued to spin and gain strength throughout the evening. In the video, the dark clouds can clearly be seen spinning like a top throughout the sky. 

Environment Canada has since lifted the severe thunderstorm watch in the area and it seems as if the storm has fizzled out throughout the area. However, many residents have felt the effects of the powerful storm. 

Some residents in Cottam, Ontario are even claiming that trees have fallen in the area, as wind gusts were expected to hit up to 90km/hr. 

However, despite the storm coming to an end, it looks like southern Ontario is in for another few rain days. 

According to the Weather Network, thunderstorms can be expected throughout southern Ontario from Friday until Monday. 

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