Dr. Bonnie Henry used a recent superspreader hockey game between a B.C. and an Alberta team as an example to discourage the people of British Columbia from non-essential travel. 

During her public address on Wednesday, December 3, the province's top doctor said that a B.C. oldtimers' team travelled to Alberta for a game and the event has now resulted in "dozens" of cases. 

"It was an adult oldtimers’ hockey team that felt it was important to continue their travel and games across the border," she said. 

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There's a hockey team in the Interior that travelled to Alberta and has come back and now there are dozens of people who are infected and it has spread in the community.

Bonnie Henry

She said the team returned and spread COVID-19 to their families, coworkers, and their broader communities. 

"We need to stop right now to protect our communities and our families and our health care workers," she continued. 

During the same announcement, the health official announced the banning of indoor adult team sports. 

As of now, child and youth sports are still allowed. 

At present, B.C. does not have an order that bans travel, but officials have urged locals time and time again to stick only to essential travel. 

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