According to a recent poll, support for Doug Ford's Conservatives is crumbling. Less than a year after the Premier was elected, a poll by Mainstreet Research shows that not only is the Conservative party polling lower than the NDP and the Liberals but that Doug Ford's own support as is lower than ever. 

To poll found that "Premier Doug Ford’s favourability ratings have now fallen below those of Kathleen Wynne’s at the end of her tenure." That means that Ontarians hate Doug Ford more now than they hated our last premier, Kathleen Wynne right before they voted her out as Premier and reduced the Liberal Party to only seven seats. That doesn't look too good for Ford. 

Specifically, Doug Ford's current net favourability score according to Mainstreet is -53.5% while at the end of her stint as premier, Kathleen Wynne's net favourability score was at -35.3%. 

Aside from premier's low personal rating, Doug Ford's party isn't doing too well either. The Mainstreet poll found that if a provincial election was held now, 39.9% of decided and leaning voters polled would vote for the Liberals. 24.2% would vote for the NDP and then, in third place, only 22.4% would for the Conservatives. 

The Mainstreet Research poll was conducted between May 21 and 22 and surveyed just under 1000. Relative to the size of Ontario, this isn't an overly large sample size, but they weren't the only ones to share this opinion. 

Another poll, done by Environics Research found that 75% of Ontarians they surveyed thought Doug Ford's government was on the "wrong track" while 2% were unsure. That means less than one-quarter of Ontarians surveyed think Doug Ford is on the right track right now and it shows. 

For example, in the past six months, numerous protests have been held on Queen's Park about various cuts the Ford Government has made, including to health care, education, autism funding, the environment, and more. Most recently even Toronto's mayor, John Tory launched his own petition against Ford's cuts to municipal funding. 

Yesterday, John Tory tweeted that his petition to "Stop the Cuts" had already gotten 14,000 in the first 24 hours since it was first created. Now that it's been a whole other day of the petition being circulated, chances are the number of signatures has grown even more. 

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