A substantial drug seizure in B.C. that took place earlier this month has resulted in the bust of a massive drug lab, 150,000 pills, and fake heroin. According to Surrey RCMP, the operation is believed to have ties with gangs in the Lower Mainland. 

According to a Surrey RCMP report, a substantial drug seizure took place at a residence in the South Surrey area on Aug. 6, 2019. The residence in question is located on the 16300 block of 14A Avenue. 

As a result of the ongoing investigation, Surrey RCMP were able to obtain and execute search warrants at the residence. During the search, the Surrey Gang Enforcement Team and the Federal Serious and Organized Crime Unit’s Clandestine Lab Enforcement and Response (CLEAR) Team assisted the RCMP detachment.

During the search, a large manufacturing operation was discovered within the home. It is safe to say the lab was rather large as literally thousands of pills alone were seized. 

Included in the seizure were a significant amount of illicit street drugs, drug paraphernalia, pill presses, and firearms. In a press release, RCMP have detailed their findings.

According to officials, there were 63,000 doses of fake OxyContin ‘80’ pills, 94,000 doses of fake Percocet pills and 5,000 doses of suspected cocaine. Also taken from the home were 22,500 doses of what is believed to be fake heroin. 

Along with the drugs, a number of manufacturing items were taken including three pill presses. This type of pill presser is able to produce 3,600-16,000 tablets per hour!

In order to make the pills, an unknown cutting agent and a pill-binding agent were also found and seized. There was 89 kg an 60 kg of each agent respectively. 

RCMP were also able to confiscate seven firearms in total including six SKS assault rifles and one carbine rifle. 

“The public safety risks associated with these type of large-scale illicit drug operations cannot be understated,” says Sergeant Derek Westwick, CLEAR Team NCO.

“Clandestine labs pose a significant risk of contamination due to the volume of toxic and hazardous chemicals being handled by untrained individuals. The public can play a key role and is urged to contact police immediately if they suspect a clan lab in their community.” 

Police have expressed that a majority of the drugs were packed in bulk; however, some were packaged for street-level distribution. Tests have been conducted that have indicated the presence of fentanyl. 

Following the search, two individuals were arrested and released pending further investigation. According to RCMP, the investigation is ongoing but, officials have discovered a connection to the Lower Mainland gang conflict — particularly the Brothers Keepers crime group.

“Based upon the sophistication and capacity of this operation to produce massive quantities of street-level drugs, we believe there is a large criminal network associated to this lab,” says Inspector Mike Hall, Surrey RCMP Proactive Enforcement Officer.

“This seizure will cause a significant disruption to this group’s ability to distribute mass amounts of potentially fatal street drugs in the Lower Mainland.”

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