While many Canadians may view free water as a given, one airline seems to disagree. Multiple Canadians have been complaining that Swoop airlines have no free water on their flights, and refuse to give any out, no matter how long the flight may be. Instead, flyers are expected to purchase bottled water on the flight. 

Wayne Fernades told Global News that he was on a flight from Hamilton to Las Vegas earlier this month when he attempted to get a glass of water, only to discover he had to pay for it. Fernades told Global that he believed that water is essential and should be included in a flight, just like how toilet paper is included with no additional cost. 

Fernades even went as far as to say, "It’s just human decency." Instead of paying for a bottle of water, Fernades was able to get a cup of ice for free and waited for it to melt before he drank it. 

However, he isn't the only passenger that is complaining about the lack of free water of Swoop flights. Many other flyers have also taken to Twitter to complain about having to purchase bottled water. 

Many Canadians seem to agree that water is something that can be provided at minimum cost, and should be given to flyers that are often stuck on flights for hours. 

However, while many passengers may agree that water is a human right and should be free while traveling on an aircraft, there are no Canadian laws that enforce this. 

The Canadian Transportation Agency told Global that free food and drink must be provided to flyers if a plane is delayed for long periods of times. However, there are no specific rules for what needs to be free while actually traveling to your destination. 

Swoop has also made it clear that they consider themselves as an 'unbundled service'. Which means, that travelers are able to get cheaper tickets than most competing airlines, but they have to give up the frills. This means that flyers and are able to choose how much and what they want to pay when it comes to 'frills' including water, snacks, and baggage. 

Back when Swoop launched their airline back in 2017, they told BNN that they would be operating a little different than the 'bigger carriers' such as Westjet. 

Part of this model included the lack of complimentary water and the placement of ads, which allows the company to offer tickets at about 30 percent cheaper than competing airlines. 

However, Swoop confirms that essentials such as washrooms and seatbelts are included in the ticketed price. 

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