The coronavirus outbreak has people on edge, especially if they have to be in an enclosed space like an airplane. A Swoop Airlines passenger clearly didn't think about that when they said they had the illness. Apparently, all they wanted to do was change flights.

According to a statement from Swoop, on February 28, a passenger in Abbotsford, British Columbia claimed to have the illness in order to change their booking.

The person was, however, unable to present any sort of medical certificate to verify their statement.

They were told that they could not make the change and left the airport, but Swoop made sure to take all precautions and sanitize every surface.

The company then followed up with the passenger, who said that they didn't actually have coronavirus. 

Swoop urges its customers not to come to the airport if they are feeling ill, but rather utilize the company's call centre to make any last-minute changes to their flights.

"The safety of our guests, crew and aircraft is always our top priority, and we are committed to providing a safe travel and work environment," Swoop spokesperson Larissa Mark said in an email.

"Should a guest present ill or fall ill during travel, our frontline teams and crews are trained to handle multiple scenarios and situations that can arise on the ground or onboard our aircraft, and have access to real-time support of physicians when requested."

This case is similar to one that occurred on a Toronto flight, when a man claimed to have the coronavirus while he was on the plane. The flight was diverted and the man was arrested.

As it turned out, he did not have the illness, and was just a rapper trying to market his music through a "viral" stunt. He was charged with mischief and breach of recognizance.

Authorities are taking coronavirus claims seriously as cases in Canada continue to climb. As of March 2, there are 27 confirmed cases: 18 in Ontario, 8 in BC, and one in Quebec.

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