Black Friday is officially here and Swoop, Canada's low-cost airline is not holding back on the deals. Swoop launched it's first ever Black Friday sale, or as they like to call it Black Flyday and the deals are incredible. 

There are 20 different routes that you can choose from, all leaving from Canadian airports. Out of all those trips, only one of them is over $100 and even then it's an amazing deal. 

Via Swoop

Within Canada, you can fly one-way for as $39 right now. Trips between Edmonton and Winnipeg are only $39 while trips between Hamilton and Halifax are $59. If you want to get from Hamilton to Edmonton, it will only cost $69 while a trip from Hamilton to Abbotsford is still only $79. 

The best part about these deals is the travel time is actually really convenient. All of those flights are between December 1st and February 28th so it's perfect if you are trying to get home from school for the holidays. 

The domestic sales are great but Swoop's international deals are even better right now. As part of the Black Flyday sale, you can book tickets from Canada to Las Vegas, Florida, and Mexico for less than $100. For example tickets from Hamilton to Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, Mexico are only $95 one-way right now. The best is you can fly from Hamilton to Jamaica for only $128. 

The travel time for international flights is the same. That makes it perfect for escaping the winter blues or using your Christmas vacation time for a last minute getaway. 

Swoop's Black Flyday sales are on all weekend, until November 26th, or until all the seats sell-out. You may want to book fast because there are only 5200 seats available in the sale. 

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