If you’ve ever wondered how the NBA’s tallest basketball players find clothes that actually fit them, the answer is that they probably don’t. However, when Canada Goose found out that a Boston Celtics player needed a winter coat to fit his seven-foot-five frame, they were more than happy to set him up. Better still, when Canada Goose made their biggest coat of all time for Tacko Fall, there were cameras there to capture the moment!

Canadian brand Canada Goose gave Tacko Fall one of the best gifts he’s probably ever received last week, a coat that actually fits him! At seven-foot-five, and as the tallest player in the whole of the NBA, Tacko Fall needed a winter jacket that would actually reach past his hips, and Canada Goose was happy to hook him up.

Fall, who is just 23-years-old, grew up in Senegal before later living in Houston and Florida. After recently being signed by the Boston Celtics, he’ll now be spending his time between Boston and Maine, and a good winter coat is a definite necessity for his first winter up north!

In order to keep all seven-foot-five of Fall cozy, the company designed a one-of-a-kind jacket for the Boston Celtics player, and they confirmed it was the largest jacket they’d ever made. The new coat, which is almost four feet long, was personally gifted to Fall by Canada Goose’s CEO, and Fall seemed to love it.

In a video posted on Twitter, Fall can be seen showing off his bespoke Canada Goose coat, trying it on and posing for reporters.

According to Business Insider, the coat would have cost the NBA player upwards of $1,250 if he'd bought it from the retailer, but Canada Goose was more than happy to gift the item to him.

If the price of the bespoke jacket doesn’t shock you, these measurements probably will. Fall’s bespoke jacket is a whopping 46 inches (just under 4 feet) long and has 49.57-inch sleeves.

According to Business Insider's report, the coat's length is approximately nine inches larger than Canada Goose’s standard XL size jacket, and is by far the longest jacket the company has ever made.

If nothing else, the jacket is a nice treat for Tacko Fall after he accidentally smacked his head on the actual ceiling earlier this month. After minor concussion concerns, Fall was ok, but he’s now being extra wary of low ceilings!

With the Boston Celtics due to play the Raptors in Toronto at Christmas, Fall’s new Canadian coat will definitely come in handy!

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