As if you couldn't love Team Canada any more than you already did before, our country's Olympic committee made a huge move that has been warming the hearts of fans across the world. The story all begins back in 2010 during the Vancouver Olympics when the "Pride House" tradition was introduced. 

The Olympic Pride House was made in efforts to become a Winter Olympics tradition where it acted as a safe space for members of the LGTBQ+ community to watch and enjoy the games. While it was successful at Vancouver's games, it was halted for Sochi 2014 considering Russia is notoriously known for their negative stance on the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Though for the PyeongChang Olympics, the fate of the Pride House was up in the air considering no country wanted to take on the project or help fund it. Luckily none other than the Canadian Olympic committee not only saved the Pride House, but they combined it with their own country's Olympic house. Making it the first time in history that a national Olympic house was officially affiliated with the pride house. 

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The house comes fit with a message when you enter that will warm your heart whether you are into the Olympics or not. Of course, Canadians, as well as fans around the world, were quick to praise the committee's efforts to re-establish the tradition and remind us all what the Olympics are about, bringing everybody together to celebrate the world's talents! 

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