If there's one thing we're all thankful for right now, it's wifi and phone service. Though, some people in Western Canada woke up to a bit of an inconvenience. On Tuesday, March 31, TELUS users in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and B.C. flooded the internet to speak about some service outages they were experiencing. When the customer care team caught wind of the situation, they worked to fix it. TELUS, down in Alberta, B.C., and Saskatchewan this morning, is now back up and running. 

In light of current social distancing guidelines, our phones and wifi connections have basically become our main connections to our loved ones. 

When some Canadians woke up this morning to find the service outages, they took to the internet to share their panic and confusion. 

It turns out that they were not delusional and that there really was a collective network issue affecting them all across Western Canada, particularly in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Narcity spoke to a customer care representative on the helpline, who confirmed that there was a network outage affecting primary mobile and home services and that the team was working to fix it as soon as possible. 

"It looks like it's home services as well. It's not just cellphones. It's home services, so I assume that means internet services as well," they explained. 

When asked about the timeframe, the representative told Narcity that "They're usually pretty good at doing it, especially when it's affecting everybody." 

In the meantime, people in the affected areas were not shy about sharing their concerns online. 

One Twitter user said that they are making some huge reconsiderations, saying, "TELUS Mobility having a total outage twice in a week and a half is making me seriously consider switching carriers. Especially during this pandemic." 

Another individual talked about their loyalty with TELUS, stating, "I’ve been with Telus for almost 20 years but I will be cancelling with them as soon as my phone starts up again!"

This user took to the dramatics to share their thoughts about the outage, saying, "We are all going to die!!!! Telus network service down in Alberta, landlines not affected." 

Another person couldn't get work done due to the outage. They said, "hey! No Service for 2 hours ... I need to make phone calls for work..." 

One Twitter user used a totally appropriate GIF to sum up their reaction. 

Another Twitter user gots super creative with their reaction as well. 

Honestly, Twitter users are actually quite imaginative when it comes to picking GIFs to convey their emotions. 

Many people were unable to call 911 as well, leading the City of Calgary to make a post on Twitter responding that there is nothing wrong with their 911 services.

If residents really need to reach 911, they can use a landline, use a friend's phone or even just visit the nearest police, fire or EMS station. 

Meanwhile, the TELUS Support account on Twitter was continually responding to customers' complaints, assuring them that they were investigating the matter and fixing the issue. 

It seems that their services were back up within an hour, and the panic finally came to a halt. 

In an email to Narcity, TELUS spokesperson Liz Sauvé said, "We experienced an equipment failure that caused a service disruption in parts of Western Canada, affecting wireless services and some wireline customers. Our team immediately identified the outage and restored services within an hour."

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