If you thought Tessa and Scott were finished with giving us reasons to be overly invested in their Olympic journey, think again. The unofficial royal couple of Canada took the Olympic stage one last time when they stepped out onto the ice last night in Pyeongchang for their short dance. While they've already snatched up a gold in these games, they have their eyes on snagging yet another before retirement. 

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After two decades of skating together, the pair performed their short dance to a medley of songs: 'Sympathy for the Devil,' 'Hotel California' and 'Oye Como Va.' As usual the performance was filled with passion and left everybody watching in awe, but this time it was so good it got them a new world record of 83.67. The previous record holder had been Tessa and Scott themselves after earning an 82.68 at Skate Canada International earlier this year.

If you thought that was something to be happy about, there's even more incredible news regarding the pair. This 5th medal they've picked up makes them the most decorated figure skaters in history. Who said hockey was the only game Canada was good at?! 

While all this great news makes Canadians ecstatic for the pair, it's a double-edged sword considering this will be the last time they take on the Olympics. While Tessa is only 28 and Scott, 30, they've been skating together for 20 years and have reached the end of their career. Though there's no denying their final year has been the skating season where they showed just how incredible they are. 

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Though you already know that there was no way Scott was departing without teasing all of us in one last interview with an ambiguous tease about his possible relationship with Tessa saying: “with the thrill of winning with the team, we needed some quality rest, sleep in a king-sized bed, have some room service." Fans hopped on that minor lack of mentioning how many beds within seconds with their reactions, as per usual: 

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