It's been four years since Matthew de Grood attended a Calgary house party and fatally stabbed five people while in a psychotic state. Since then, de Grood has been a "model patient" according to the board who made an extremely controversial decision this month- to move him to a new location with more freedom. 

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It was determined by the Alberta Review Board in September that de Grood was well enough to be transferred to Edmonton where he would be treated at a hospital in the area. The reason for the move is because an attempt to reintegrate de Grood into the Calgary community would be too difficult, due to the toxic culture surrounding him. 

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With the move comes privileges such as being about to go outside into the community with an adult as a supervisor, as well as live in an approved residence where there is 24-hour supervision available. Naturally, people were not happy and that included the parents of de Grood's victims. 

Father of Joshua Hunter, who was 23 years old when he was killed by de Grood, said he feels "more resigned than outraged." He says that the board's process is "nonsense" and little regard is given to the grieving families. He also commented on the approach for de Grood - "I really question the one-size-fits-all approach with this, given the extreme nature of what he did." 

It isn't just the victims' families that are angered, either. Thousands of Canadians have chimed in online in outrage over the situation, claiming it's completely unjust: 

Regardless, the board is comprised of not just a judge but also a forensic psychiatrist. Many others believe de Grood is ready to be transferred and that his schizophrenia is in remission.

He even made a public apology during the review board process, noting he "will do everything [he] can to help the community heal" and that he wants "to turn [his] life around into service for other people." 

Source: CBC News 

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