The Canadian Border Service Agency has set a new target for deportations, increasing the current annual total by 10,000 people per year. In a report by the CBC, the CBSA has reportedly committed to increasing deportations by 25  to 35 percent annually across Canada. 

The government is also fronting an additional $7.5 million for the CBSA to step it up. According to the CBC, only one percent of the 68,000 asylum seekers who arrived in Canada last year were deported, despite many of them getting their claims denied.

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These efforts are in response to the shockingly low number of deportations that the CBSA has been able to pull off in recent years. The total in 2018 so far is 6,083. Back in 2012, the total was nearly 19,000.

According to the Government of Canada, deportations from the CBSA come in the form of a Removal Order. For those who fail to respond to the instructions of their order, the consequences are quite serious.

"If you fail to appear for a removal interview or a scheduled removal date, the CBSA will issue a Canada-wide warrant for your arrest. Once arrested, the CBSA may detain you in a holding facility before removal," says the government's website.

The CBSA will be deporting those unwelcome in Canada, as well as refugee claimants who are not eligible to stay in Canada.  However, a spokesperson for the CBSA told CBC that those individuals will be treated with care and sensitivity, and Canada is still a safe and inviting place for asylum seekers.

Source: CBC, Government of Canada

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