The government of Canada has taken several preventative measures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 19, Justin Trudeau announced the closing of the Canada-US border. On that same day, a Canadian man went out to film the deserted borders in Surrey, British Columbia.  

This man, who goes by the name of Cdnwaterdriver on the video-sharing platform, Rumble, shared his thoughts on the situation as he filmed the practically desolate area.  

“As you can see in the footage, the location is nearing a ghost town. Merely a few days prior, the roadways were busy with vehicles travelling both north and south across these friendly borders. This feels so unreal.”  

He further expressed that the message engraved on the Peace Arch made the circumstances feel even more surreal.  

May these gates never be closed,” have been carved into the arches since 1814.  

As of Friday or Saturday, those gates will be closed to all non-essential traffic.

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