April 1st was a jammed packed affair - not only was it the start of a new month,  Easter Sunday, and April Fools Day, it also marked that date that Canada's new beer and wine tax went into effect. 

So if you're someone who likes a drink or two - that little habit will be costing you more than ever. Canadians can expect to pay a whopping 1.5% more in taxes on alcohol nationally as a result of the federal governments plan to increase taxes yearly based on inflation.

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Not surprisingly, many are not happy about this move to increase taxes on alcoholic beverages annually. Beer Canada for example is urging Canadians to sign their petition on the increases and to write to their local MP's about the tax. 

When it comes to conversation around the increased alcohol tax, some feel that it isn't that big of an issue since it's just an increase based on inflation rather than the actual cost going up. 

One Reddit responder offered up their solution to this taxation news with a move that many might be making in the future- making your own alcohol. Maybe someday soon everyone will be DIY brewing and distilling. 

Comment from discussion Canadian alcohol taxes increase 1.5 per cent.

  Source: CTV News

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