There are a lot of things you can do now that marijuana is legal in Canada. Anyone over 18 years old can buy marijuana, share it with other adults, and even grow up to four small pot plants at home. 

One thing you can't do however is legally buy it in an edible form. 

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According to the Government of Canada, official marijuana retailers won't be selling edible cannabis until they have had a chance to do more research on its effects and introduce new rules on how to regulate edibles. 

However, under the new laws, Canadians can still use edibles, they will just have to buy the weed from the official retailers and DIY the edibles themselves. 

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A big reason for this is that the risks of consuming marijuana in an edible form are less known to people. Some believe that it is safer since it doesn't involve smoking it but on the other hand, people say it is a lot more dangerous since it affects people differently. 

When people use edibles it has to digest before the high can actually hit you, so it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect. In these cases, a lot of people end up doing more while waiting and then get hit really hard when the high sets in. 

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People who have taken edibles also report experiencing a stronger high and say that its effects last longer than those of smoking weed. 

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