There are just two weeks until Halloween which means you've probably already started getting your costume together. If you're a big Halloween enthusiast, you want all the details of your costume to be absolutely perfect. For some people, those details come all the way down to eye colour. 

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Colour contacts are a popular trend for completing your Halloween costume, especially if you're going for a festival makeup look rather than a whole outfit. This year, however, you may want to leave the contacts behind since Health Canada just issued a major warning about them. 

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According to the government, colour contacts can be super dangerous and come with all kinds of risks. In the simplest cases, they can cause infections or allergic reactions but in the most severe incidents, they can actually lead to cuts on your eye or even blindness. 

Health Canada also warns that these risks are even higher for anyone who smokes or anyone who has a pre-existing eye condition like dry eyes or known allergies. 

If you honestly don't think you can live this Halloween without wearing colour-contacts, the government has an additional warning for you, too. If your heart is completely set on decorative contacts, make sure you buy from a licensed brand especially if you're shopping online. 

According to Health Canada, coloured contact lenses are regulated health product, which means that they have to license the products for safety. Currently, only eight manufacturers have been licensed. 

The brands that are safer to buy from are Alcon Laboratories,  Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Coopervision, Geo Medical Co., Les Lesieur Enterprises, Neo Vision Co., and Unicon Optical Co. All other brands are actually illegal to sell in Canada. 

If you are still going to wear colour contacts this Halloween, Health Canada advises that you make sure they're a licensed product, you wash your hands carefully with soap and water, never share your contacts with anyone, and make sure you don't sleep in them. 

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If you experience any negative side effects while wearing colour contacts you should take them off immediately and if the problem continues, talk to your doctor ASAP. 

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