There's a $41 million dollar luxury jet missing so if you happen to see it in the sky, kindly let our government officials know. The Bombardier Global 6000 business jet with the tail number ZS-OAK was purchased by a notorious South African family with the help of our federal government and now it's missing.

Ajay Gupta was lent $41 million dollars from Export Development Canada (EDC) so that they could buy a luxury jet. Sounds normal, right? Well not only did this outrageous deal happen, the plane in question is now missing

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The Gupta family is known for their alleged involvement in the corruption surrounding South Africa's ex-President Jacob Zuma. After realizing this, the EDC released an application to a South African court seeking permission to ground the jet stating, "There is a very real concern that the aircraft may be used to escape justice or for some unlawful means". 

The Gupta's made the plane's location data private after the EDC tried to find out the jet's whereabouts in the court filing, so the EDC has no current knowledge on where the plane actually is. This sounds awfully suspicious to us. Reportedly, the plane has been spotted recently in India, Russia and Dubai. 

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Even though the EDC insists they thoroughly looked into the Gupta's before making the deal, it is awfully odd that after purchasing the jet, the Gupta's cannot be found. 

The good news for the EDC is is that it will probably get the jet back ... eventually. Under the international "Cape Town Treaty" agreement, lenders have the right to seize a plane in any country that's apart of the pact - they just have to find it first. 

Source: National Post

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