The story of the young man who gruesomely stabbed his roommate to death is a tragic and sad story that dates back to 2016. 

Shafaq Joya, a man diagnosed with schizophrenia after he began seeing demons in 2012, had been prescribed medication that he refused to take.

Flash forward to February 2016 Joya was living in a rented basement apartment in Scarborough, Ontario with his 19 year old roommate Mohamad Milton. During that time, he began seeing demon again. 

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In the trail, it was revealed that in the days before the murder took place, Joya had 'demons' around him almost constantly that were ordering him to kill his roommate and remove his heart.

On February 27, 2016 Joya sadly succumbed to the voices in his head and broke into Milton's room with multiple knives. He stabbed him 281 times, hitting every vital organ, and severing body parts from the 19 year old. 

When the police came to investigate a few days later, Joya was found hiding in the attic in just his underwear, socks on his hands, and the knives in a nearby bathroom. The police charged with second-degree murder. 

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Now just over two years later, Joya has been found not criminally responsible for his actions that day. The reason being that he was battling a major mental illness at the time and was not killing his roommate but rather the demon that he thought he was seeing. 

Instead of jail time, Joya will be transferred to St Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto on Monday.

Superior Court Justice John McMahon, the judge on the case, expressed his, “frustration … in a system that left Joya to his own devices, clearly psychotic, and asked to take his medication."

Adding “I’m tired of people ending up dead”.

Sources: City TV, Global 

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