A 41-year-old father from Vancouver was killed on Friday in a remote area of Peru. The man, identified as Sebastian Woodroffe, was there seeking enlightenment by experimenting with ayahuasca, a herbal drink that makes you hallucinate. Police were notified after a video of Woodroffe being dragged by the neck was posted online.

It's been revealed that Woodroffe was allegedly involved in killing an 81-year-old spiritual healer. Her death sparked outrage in the community. Woodroffe's friends and family describe him as a "gentle" man, and a loving father to his nine-year-old son. 

But, one friend of Woodroffe's has admitted that he can be a "shit disturber" at times, who "likes to poke, and likes to test the boundaries of people's beliefs." With ayahuasca in his system, it's possible that Woodroffe might've pushed boundaries a little too far.  

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Woodroffe had traveled to South America on "enlightenment" quests several times before. His friend says that Woodroffe would appear "not broken, but troubled" when he came home.

In the online video, a man who police believe is Woodroffe can be heard groaning in a puddle as a man ties a rope around his neck. The autopsy revealed that Woodroffe died by strangulation. 

Authorities at Global Affairs Canada are still investigating the reason behind Woodroffe's death, and his alleged involvement in the death of the 81-year-old healer. 

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Source: CBC, Huffington Post

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