It's a great time to be a Canadian in 2018. Only a few short months ago, Narcity reported that Canadians held the fifth most powerful passport in the world. But now, we can confirm that Canada has moved up the ranks! Canadian travellers officially hold a passport that ranks among the third most powerful in the world. 

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According to a ranking by Passport Index, the Canadian passport is one of the most powerful passports you can acquire throughout the world.

The Index indicates that Canada falls into the third passport power ranking, among countries like the UK, Japan, Switzerland, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. Overall, Canada's passport ranks as the 22nd most powerful globally. To see how Canada's passport stacks up against other countries, you can view the Index here

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So what are these rankings based on? The system is based on the ability of citizens being able to travel freely to other countries without having to go through difficult visa processes. The more countries that the traveller has visa-free access to, the more powerful that passport becomes.

All of the countries that fell under the category of Passport Power Ranking #3 were Canada, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdon, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. 

The second most powerful passports in the world belong to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, South Korea and the United States of America.

If you're curious as to which travellers hold the most powerful passports in the world, here's the scoop. The #1 top ranking passports in the world currently belong to citizens in Singapore and Germany. 

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If you're Canadian and feel like travelling, there's no better time than the present! It looks like we have some of the best opportunities to travel around the world right now, so take full advantage of our new ranking! 

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