Even if you absolutely hate the snow and winter weather, there is one day of the year where it's allowed and that's Christmas. In Canada, nothing makes the holidays more complete than a blanket of fluffy white snow on the ground. 

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Almost everyone loves a white Christmas, but the reality of the situation is that we don't always get what we want. In fact, Environment Canada has made some predictions about which Canadian cities are most likely to get a White Christmas and most places' chances are unfortunately low. 

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Basing their predictions on historical temperatures and snowfalls from past years, going as far back as the 1950s, Environment Canada has been able to determine each major cities chance of snowfall for Christmas. Taking those numbers, they have predicted the average chance of each city getting a white Christmas every year and it doesn't look good for a lot of places. 

Unsurprisingly, Vancouver and Victoria have the lowest chances of getting a snowy Christmas. They're both only at a 10% chance of a white Christmas. Penticton, Ontario is the third lowest with only a 30% chance. Meanwhile, in Toronto and Windsor, the chance of a white Christmas is only at 44%. The GTA, on the other hand, is a bit better with a 51% chance. 

As for the rest of Canada's major and capital cities, Calgary is only at a 57% chance while Edmonton looks a lot better with an 87% chance of a white Christmas. Saskatoon and Regina also have really good chances at 95% and 92% respectively. Winnipeg is even better with a 98% chance of snow on Christmas. 

Those chances then tend to drop as we head back out East. Ottawa only has an 80% chance of a white Christmas while in Montreal it's only 75%. Quebec City is a bit of an outlier with a very high 97% chance of snow. 

The Maritimes are back to lower numbers. In Fredericton, the chance of a white Christmas is only 75%, in Charlottetown, it's 77%, and in Halifax, it's way down at only 56%. 

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It's not all depressing news. There are some cities that are pretty much guaranteed a white Christmas. Iqaluit, Kenora, Whitehorse, and Yellowknife all have a 100% chance of snow on Christmas, although that's not shocking given how far north they are. 

Beyond that, despite the official average predictions from Environment Canada suggesting our chances of snow tend to be on the lower side, this year the Farmer's Almanac suggests otherwise. December in Ontario, Quebec and other parts of Canada is expected to be cold and snowy, which is perfect for a white Christmas. 

Source: Government of Canada

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