Everyone in Canada should legally be paid the minimum wage of the province they are living in, that’s just a fact.

But for people who work for the Church of Scientology in Quebec, it appears that at least some of them are getting completely ripped off.

And not by like a dollar or two here and a few unpaid hours, oh no it is something much worse than that.  

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It has recently been revealed that one staff member at the Church was paid only $70 for 39 hours of work. That works out to $1.79 an hour.

That’s far less than the minimum wage of $11.25 minimum wage that Quebec had when this staff member was working for the church. The province raised their minimum wage to $12 earlier this year. 

Another worker was paid only $20.19 for 6 hours of work apparently. 

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The Church says that it doesn’t have any employees at all though, as everyone who works there is a “religious worker.”

However the idea of “religious workers” is not mentioned anywhere in the provinces labour laws.

A former member of the church says that the way the church handles the people who work for it, amounts to nothing more than “slavery, pure and simple.” 

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Jean-Paul Dubreui was a member of the church for 6 years before leaving and says that people were only paid based on what they brought to the church. "

If the group didn't make a dime, we weren't paid," Dubreuil said.

Officially anyone who is paid any amount of money, no matter how small, is considered an employee and not a volunteer in Quebec.


Source: CBC

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