The dating scene isn't easy. With all these different apps and everything out there nowadays, it can be hard to land a good date and that's only half the battle. 

Elite Singles, one of the more prestigious dating apps out there, did a study about how much an average date night costs in major cities across Canada. Based on their results, we are all going to die alone because dating isn't cheap.

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Elite Singles concocted a typical date night including dinner for two, a bottle of wine, two movie tickets, and an 8 km cab ride. They then broke down the average cost of each of those items in Canada's major cities to get the average cost of a date across Canada. 

In Canada as a whole, this typical date night costs on average of $125. In some of Canada's major cities, that cost is even more. 

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive cities for a typical date night are Vancouver and Toronto. There it can cost on average $149 and $142 for a date, respectively. Both these cities are more than $20 more expensive than the national average. 

The third most expensive city to go on a date is Calgary, where a typical date costs $130. In fourth is Hamilton with an average date night costing $120. There's actually a tie for fifth place, though. In Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa a typical date night costs $119 on average. 

On the lower end of the scale, the cheapest major Canadian city to go on a date in is Winnipeg, where an average date night is only $116. The next cheapest is Halifax where's it's only $117 for a date night. The third cheapest is Edmonton with a typical date night costing $118. 

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Elite Singles also took a look at the average dating costs in 25 major cities around the world. Toronto was the only Canadian city on the list and it managed to crack the top 10, coming in ninth. The most expensive city in the world for an average date night is Oslo, Norway, where a night out will set you back $221 CAD. 

Source: Elite Singles

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