A Toronto teacher has just spoken out about Faisal Hussainthe shooter who left two dead and 13 injured on the Danforth Sunday night. The 29-year-old man also died after the gunfire on July 22. 

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It was just revealed that 10 years ago, Hussain was asked by a teacher what he would like to do and his response was dark and twisted. He replied, "Oh, I want to kill someone." 

When the teacher pressed Hussain about why he wanted to do such a thing, he simply shrugged it off, explaining he "just felt it would be really cool to kill somebody." 

The teacher, who asked Global to remain anonymous, taught Hussain at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute in 2009 and 2010. He confirmed that the statement was made privately to him. The comment made such an impact on the teacher, that he even took down Hussain's name in case anything serious ever happened with him...

He then reported the comments to Toronto Police Services and Hussain was apprehended under the Mental Health Act. It was already reported earlier that Husain was known to police before the shooting. 

While Hussain was reported not an immediate threat at the time, the teacher remembers the exchange leaving him concerned for years. When the news broke, they described it as shocking and called the incident a "terrible tragedy."

Police have revealed that Hussain was obsessed with explosions and death, with a passion for replica handguns. They've also said that he strongly recognized with the Joker, one of the villains in Batman. 

The Hussain family spoke out after Sunday's tragic events to apologize for the actions of their son. They also revealed that Faisal was suffering from mental illness, in the forms of depression and psychosis, his entire life. 

While the investigation is ongoing, there is no doubt that Sunday's shooting is a huge tragedy for Canada. We're hoping in time all the details will come to light as for what happened to cause this terrible loss of life. 

Source: Global

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